About us
Our Mission
To provide a platform and promote young talent from any field of Art
Our Vision
To become a global organization by 2020
Our Aim
To accommodate maximum art fields nationally and internationally

(TAG) is formed on 6th December 2012. TAG is formed by renowned artist from and around Thane, Maharashtra. To promote the art through different art forms is one of the prime objectives of this organization.

People from different fields of Art have come together and formed this organization with the objective to provide a platform to identify and promote new talent in different fields of Art. However, this organization is not limited only for artists but everyone who has passion for art. There are no boundaries to become member of this organization.

Following are the various activities initiated by TAG:


This activity is initiated by a renowned Actor and Voice Actor Mr. Uday Sabnis. This activity is initiated to promote the experimental plays which have received accolades in various competitions or have received special mention. These plays are normally scheduled on second Saturday of every month at Dr. Ghanekar Natyagruh (Mini), Thane, Maharashtra, India in the afternoon session.


This activity is initiated by a film critic and secretary of Prabhat Chitra Mandal, Mr. Santosh Pathare and a staunch film lover Mr. Ajay Walimbe. Under this activity an international film is screened for all the TAG members once in a month. Normally the screening is done on the last Saturday of every month in evening session at Dr. Ghanekar Natyagruh (Conf Hall), Thane, Maharashtra, India.


This activity is initiated by a renowned Film Director/Writer/ Poet Mr. Viju Mane. This activity is mainly to attract and encourage poetic talent from the TAG members. This activity is conducted periodically where a celebrity poet is invited as a guest who guide the new talent about poetry.


This activity is initiated by renowned Anchor/ Writer/ Director from Thane, Mrs. Harshada Borkar. A Group of this initiative promotes Classical/semi classical dancers, Choreographers and periodically presents events/ performances for TAG members and other patrons.


This activity is initiated by a renowned Gazal singer Mr. Madhav Bhagwat and now handled by Mr. Mandar Valuskar. Group of this activity makes musical presentation once in three months. Besides unique form of music like “Baaul Gaan” from Bengal; various other forms of music such as Gazal, Taraana, Sufi music and traditional forms of music etc have been well received by TAG members and other patrons. This activity is initiated to identify, encourage and promote singers and musical instrument players among TAG members.


This activity is initiated by a renowned artist Mr. Kishor Nadavadekar This activity deals with painting, sketching, graphic design, photography in-short, visual arts. Under this activity, various workshops are conducted for TAG members periodically.


This activity is initiated by a renowned actor and staunch lover of cooking Mrs. Deepali Natu Kelkar. This activity deals with all sorts of cuisines veg/ non-veg/ continental/ inter-continental etc. TAG members are encouraged to experiment various types of dishes.


This activity is initiated by a renowned Voice therapist from Thane, Mrs. Sonali Lohar. This activity deals with different types of literature may be in different forms such as short stories, popular books/ Magazines/ to encourage the awareness and importance of reading and sharing good work of great authors.

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